Monday, March 28, 2011

How about a crawl?

Yesterday, got together with the Tufts Gamer Crew (or at least a subset of the current subset of it) for some gaming.
The GM of our "regular" (i.e. invested some time in character creation and had at least one Full Session) RPG game could not make it, so we had other options to consider.

Of course you know that I would always advocate Board Gaming over RPGs.
I even brought both my ipad, and my Huge Box Of Overly Separated Small World Bits.

But, consensus was to dungeon-crawl, and I wanted to play something with my friends instead of bickering about what to play.
Plus, crawling is also likely to get silly which is a good thing.

The game system was D&D 3.25-ish, with GM Mike's "low Hit Point world" rules (only 1 HP per level, with an extra full die of HP every few levels, armor provides DR instead of AC, very low magic, a few other rules).
I was Oorf, a 12th-level Halfling Barbarian (me), riding his trusty Dire Badger.
After my clan of near-feral Halflings captured a traveling Human Fighter, we found that he had a treasure map. Along the way, we fought some bandits and met up with a Gnome Monk in search of adventure.

We made it to the location on the treasure map (which the Human claimed was his home) without much incident, where we encountered some insect-like creatures, but deep within their lair was a hoard of gold and assorted Dungeon Crawler's Treasure.
Of course, guarding this gold was a Dragon. A Gold Dragon, so it happens.

Due to the nature of the mechanics of the system, it was a dangerous battle (i had about 40 HP as a 12th-level barbarian, and attack/weapon damage is not scaled down). But with my magic Keen Shortsword and some lucky rolls, and of course the help of the party, we managed to defeat the beast and take home whatever treasure didn't fall down the inevitable trap we discovered.

It was a short cliche adventure, but it was fun.

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