Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If you say it enough times, it becomes true

Yeah, it hasn't been very long since this post:

And I'm saying it again, but more strongly now.
I've already posted to the PGWJ list, but I figure it's just as safe to post to the blog.
What I'm trying to avoid is causing panic and alarm by posting to our local vtes mailing list.

You want to buy a whole 25000-30000-ish card VTES collection that spans the whole history of the game? Willing to pay shipping (or preferably pick it up)?

Make me an offer or direct any questions about it to me (by private email, please).


  1. How does one find your private email...? ;)

  2. Well, I was assuming that only local people who know me personally would actually respond.
    If you're not within range of physically picking it up in the greater Boston area, it probably isn't worth the inordinate shipping charges.

    If you aren't local, and/or you don't know me, though, and you're still interested, you can post questions in the comment thread here.

    Or you can find how to contact me through my other (out-of-date but still valid) website, http://www.monocleofclarity.com/

  3. ... or find me on sorcery.net IRC, channel #vtes (/plug)


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