Saturday, November 26, 2011

Risk Legacy: The designers are magnificant bastards

I haven't managed to pick up the game yet, but this little fact has been confirmed on boardgamegeek:
Along with all of the envelopes that say "DO NOT OPEN UNTIL [game event X]", there is one envelope that says "DO NOT OPEN. EVER."
And there is definitely stuff in there.

As a purist, I plan on following the instructions completely, and literally never opening it (at least not until long after there's ever a chance of playing the game again), and staying away from spoilers about its contents.

But I will always be curious........................


  1. this game sounds awesome Josh. I really want to play!

  2. My copy should be on my doorstep tonight. After that it's just a question of scheduling. :)

    December 10th would be pretty awesome to start.


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