Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gaming on Vacation.. coming soon..

Over the last week, on vacation with a few other couples, we played some of my games (unfortunately not Galactica).
Watch here and boardgamegeek for when I get around to posting reviews/session reports.
Short version: We played the hell out of Dominion (sleevelessly!) and everyone had a good time, and my first experience with Power Grid was a major loss and disappointment with components, but still fun and willing to play again.

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  1. We played many Dominion games this weekend with my girlfriend and her friends. It was really funny.

    We don't have any wxpansion set. For me three strategies work great.

    1: Chapel, my favourite
    2: Workshop + Garden, I almost always win with this one
    3: buying silver and gold + smithy or other good card draw. Best when Festival is available, too.


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