Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday present

And my latest birthday present, Pandemic, will get played this weekend, and hopefully before then.. :)
That is all.

Just so this isn't a dumb twitter-like post, here's a question:
Is the Pandemic "On the Brink" expansion considered to be ESSENTIAL, or is it something like BSG Pegasus where it changes the game but you can always play the normal way?

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  1. While I wouldn't go so far as "essential," the base game gets kind of old kind of quickly without the added roles and the randomized events in On The Brink, since it's always the same events and the same player powers.

    The added challenges of the Mutant Disease (purple) or the Virulent Strain variant are more like optional changes that you can play with or without. (We sometimes play with one or the other of them, but not always.)

    And I haven't actually tried the Bioterrorist version to say.


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