Monday, November 8, 2010

More like FARThammer

If you're reading this, take my advice:
Do not ever order gaming materials from Thoughthammer ( ).

I'm sure that when things go well, they go well.

But when there is a problem, their customer service department is completely unwilling to assist.

In my specific case, Dominion Prosperity is still very much delayed and this so-called "September release date preorder" probably won't arrive before my birthday gathering on November 20th. (Even if it does, I don't take these comments back)

This order of mine contained a couple of other items that are long-since released. The least they could do for people in my situation is offer to split the shipments. However, when "Carrie" at Thoughthammer was presented with this option, she said this was only possible if I paid shipping for both orders separately. And she and I both know that's not what I meant.

I've had good luck with other companies giving back something to the customers when there's trouble, but Thoughthammer's not getting any more of my business.

Wah wah wah wah wah wah, I'm a nerd ranting on the internet, I know.


  1. What are you complaining about? You placed an order including the Dominion expansion preorder. The publisher (not Thoughthammer!) delays the production of the Dominion expansion, and now you expect Thoughthammer to give you something for free (extra shipment cost) for the publisher's shortcomings?

    These are tough economic times .. you can't really expect from a company to pay for another companies errors.

  2. They aren't such "tough economic times" that the company couldn't give a couple of people a break for their trouble.
    It's all about good customer service to retain customers. In the past, other online retailers have been understanding with situations like this, even when the delay wasn't their fault. can afford to be dicks. Thoughthammer can't.


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