Monday, January 3, 2011

BSG Pegasus *minimal* integration into Base Game

I'm just really excited about getting Exodus (although I haven't ordered it yet; online places still list it as a "preorder" and I'm not falling for that trap again, and I also don't want to place a "preorder" at the FLGS in case I can't make it there for awhile, so I'm waiting until I can get it within normal shipping time).
So I'm spouting random ideas about the BSG game.
Not really expecting any sort of epiphany here.

One of the things about the Pegasus expansion is that it is too tightly coupled to its own new rules in a lot of ways.
Which makes it difficult to teach new players the game, or to "fall back" to a base game without removing a ton of components.

Here is just an idea of how to use a minimum amount of the Pegasus components, with only a few modifications, but still have the feeling of playing the Base Game:

Please note that some of these are generic-sounding rules because I don't care enough to actually go through the decks and name cards. :)

1) Use the Plastic Basestars. This is an easy one.

2) Destination is always Kobol.

3) Don't use the Pegasus ship.

4) Don't use the Cylon Leaders.

5) Modify the other new characters in the following way:

Kat - no change, other than her official errata

Dee - Her penalty is changed to this:
"If Morale is 2 or less at the start of your turn, you start that turn in Sickbay." (Harsh, but better than being dead, and a Cylon Dee will still have incentive to reveal)

Ellen - She draws 1 Piloting skillcard instead of Treachery, and can not pilot a viper or use the abilities printed on Piloting cards. (Yes, this means she can hump pilots to enhance their firepower, but that seems thematically appropriate :) )

Cain - Is second in line for Admiral title (between Adama and Tigh).
Change her "Intolerant" ability to "Cannot contribute skillcards to the check for other players to exit the Brig".
Use your choice of House Rules for Blind Jump however you feel is necessary, as usual.

6) Any other reference to "Execution" is replaced with "Send to Sickbay". Any card which refers to a player previously being Executed is removed from the deck(s).

7) Use the Pegasus replacements for Investigative Committee.

8) Do not use Treachery cards. Any card which refers to Treachery cards is removed from the deck(s).

9) Maintain balance within the Skill Card decks; that is, if a card was removed from one deck because it referred to Treachery or Executions, remove the equivalently-numbered Pegasus card from the other decks.

10) Acknowledge the "Movement Step" as part of the rules, for the cards that refer to this.

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