Friday, January 21, 2011

Really Useful Boxes (yet another thrilling post about storage)

Really Useful Boxes are really useful.
Heard about them on boardgamegeek, found out that they have them at OfficeMax, and bought a bunch.
Not completely abandoning tackleboxes and ziplok bags, but Really Useful Boxes come in small enough sizes that it's great for pieces that get passed around (Small World races, if I really want to buy that many), or need to be "put back in the box" frequently (BSG ships).
They also come in gigantic sizes and lots of sizes in between, and they're nicely scaled. But for now, I'm sticking with the smallish ones.

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  1. Does anyone know a good place to order Really Useful Boxes online in bulk?
    From their official store, the shipping costs are absurd. $10 shipping for up to 10 boxes that cost $1 each, or $20 shipping for more than that (not sure when the shipping increases more). Basically, if I wanted to get prices as good as just-walking-in-to-OfficeMax for the tiny boxes, I would have to buy about 100 of them (still $20 shipping, which is about sales tax).
    Even if I wanted to completely convert Small World from the single tacklebox into Really Useful Boxes (for ease of passing races around), that's not even 30 of the little bastards.
    And I'm not even saying that's what I want to do, since Small World still probably wouldn't be able to fit in a single box with that plan.


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