Thursday, February 17, 2011

PGWJ, Session 1

We successfully had a "session" last night! Hooray!

Just a mini-report, I won't go too deeply into detail.

Max and Matt and I gathered together at my house.

First, we played Castle, a game I have had sitting on my shelf for
awhile and haven't played very much.

That game is still interesting, although we agreed on the fact that it
could probably use at least one house rule (You get 2 actions per
turn, but the house rule would state that the actions must be
different, so you don't all spend the first several turns drawing your
whole deck and making a mockery of the "deck" mechanic).
I wouldn't mind trying it again, with the house rule, or with some of
the variants listed on the site (which would involve some proxying,
construction, or buying a second copy of the game, so maybe not)

We followed this up with 3 games of Dominion (is a BGG link necessary?)

I did not write down which Kingdom Cards we played each time, but we
did decide to play with no Alchemy cards at all, and with no repeats
of cards from game-to-game.
In one of the rounds, Colonies and Platinum did appear on the table,
but didn't have any impact.
I also remember that in Round 1 we had Militia, Round 2 we had Ghost
Ship and Rabble, and Round 3 we had Lighthouse and no Attacks. Heh.
And if I remember correctly, each of us won one of those games, and it
wasn't always who went first.

Looking forward to having another get-together, with 4 or more people
to increase the pool of possible games!
(And Vassal is still on my radar for those times when we can't
physically assemble)

Thanks all!

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