Monday, February 7, 2011

TempleCon 2011 aftermath, Post #3: Battlestar Galactica

So, we had talked about all the ways we were going to do Galactica, but the only time we got to play was starting at 1am and nobody wanted to deal with any all-new game-extending rules.
So Ionian Nebula (and New Caprica) were shelved for yet another day.

The players were (along with their final loyalties):
Me - Cally - Human
Prescott - Leoben - Cylon Leader with a Humans Win Agenda (the one where there are 2 resources that need to be within 2 of each other)
Matt H - Baltar - Cylon
Tony - Gaeta - Human (maybe Final Five, but it didn't come up)
Matt M - Starbuck - Human
Jen - Apollo - Human

So, yes, we got the odd case with a properly-created Exodus Loyalty Deck where the other You Are A Cylon card was on the bottom of the deck and never drawn.

We did suspect Gaeta of being a Cylon after our first jump; we were lowish on fuel and he chose 3 Distance for 3 Fuel. But it turned out to be the better choice after all.

Baltar did some suspicious stuff, and then overjustified his actions, which is a sign of a cylon player. Eventually, he gave up and chose the obvious-cylon option on a President Chooses crisis (one that gave us -1 fuel amongst other things).

So, Cally took a shuttle over to the President's office and delivered a very special gift (her OPG), confirming our theory.
Apollo was too busy in space to hold on to the President Title, so I called a vote to become Pres myself. And there was much rejoicing. Before the Baltar blood was cleaned out of the rug, his assassin took his place.

Despite the fact that Baltar was all on his lonesome as the evil Cylon, the game was pretty close. The humans took a concerted effort to cycle through the Purple Deck several times to be able to play Scouting For Fuel multiple times, which dug us out of a hole. There was even a short period of post-sleeper-phase time when all of our resources were in the blue, but there was also a massive raider swarm wiping out multiple Civilian Ships.

Starbuck had a Personal Goal (I didn't even see which one) but didn't want to reveal it and take the 50% chance of being on the loser Cylon side until after we had jumped to 7.

Leoben spent most of his game scouting the Human Fleet, and a little nervous that he wouldn't reach his personal goal, but ended up victorious.

In the end, yes, the Humans did win, and the Cylon felt like it was a given, but the board and cards weren't doing us any huge favors.
Very fun game, and a relatively short one (under 3 hours).

Still waiting for that shot at an alternate destination...

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  1. As a side note on BSG, I think I might need to un-sleeve the small-sized cards. For some reason, as I am re-organizing the cards, the sleeves are majorly sticking together. And not because I'm _that_ excited about the game :P


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