Friday, October 7, 2011

A little something different..

I've recently gotten really excited about some client-side web programming stuff --- mainly jquery, HTML5, and CSS3 (and even some older stuff I never bothered to learn), including Ajax and all those goodies.

This blog doesn't get a lot of gaming content, and I need a place to discuss the neat stuff I've been picking up.

So don't be surprised if you see some webstuff babbling around here for at least awhile. Maybe even some demos and examples.

I will start by digging through my notes from jquery Con 2011 and some other recent stuff..

Don't worry, this does all tie together to gaming, somehow.
I have several ideas for game-related web programming to do; I just need a little bit more motivation and possibly some outside help.

Keep reading... but don't leave me if you want to hear BSG Session Reports; those will still come in, too :)


  1. What is this elusive gaming/html5/js project all about?

  2. I've got scattered ideas and I really need to pull my ADHD together to get started on at least one of them. I kind of want to do a proper web interface for VTES, I kind of want to implement a board game engine (perhaps for moderator-less online BSG or something like that), I kind of want to do some convenience apps for remote D&D... everything's floating around in there.


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