Monday, April 20, 2015

Mobile Adventures: the first week

So it's been about a week and a half since I've officially been an iphone user.

I'm still a little confused about itunes, and particularly whether I can have it installed on multiple PCs to sync with the same phone, and I'm too afraid to try.
And it took me a little while to realize the dextrocentric interface where "swipe left" is favorable over the lefty-instinctive "swipe right", and stuff like that.

I wish there were an app drawer rather than putting everything on homescreens.

Not all my videos/pictures are uploading to G+, which I thought I'd set up.

Drawing with finger is not nearly as easy as drawing with my S-Pen stylus, and the "capacitive styluses" (styli?) that do work with iphone are weird and not as precise.

And there are certainly other quirks I haven't quite figured out yet.

But overall, I am happy.
There's a lot less lag in running apps, and with the camera, etc.
Everything I need to do works, and none of my complaints are things I can't get over.

I still haven't completely given up on the Note 3 as a "tablet", and still definitely have some android-specific apps I intend to keep running there, but I am slowly decomissioning some of the stuff on it so I can use them less and less primarily.

I should have been keeping more detailed notes, so that this would be a more interesting blog post, but.. so it is.

Please leave any questions in the comments so maybe you can shake things out of my memory that are more noteworthy.

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