Thursday, August 23, 2012


I should post something about the new laptop and the games I've been playing on it.  Yeah I'll do that soon.

I'll leave you with an anecdote about Max Payne 3...
Witnessed a funny bug.  During a cutscene inside the corporate office ("Chapter VI"), the secretary's shirt was completely invisible.  And no, not in the fun way.  More like what happens if you wear a green shirt in front of a greenscreen.  Kinda weird.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

...or will she be named Zev?

I'm accepting suggestions for names for the new laptop.
"Boomer" is by far the most likely one (possibly using "Athena" when it boots to Linux), considering that my main server is Baltar and I have a few other Galactica-themed machine names.

I also thought of this little theme (some of you may recognize the reference):
Name the machine "Zev" (possibly "Xev" in Linux mode, possibly vice-versa)..
Rename the old 'dead' netbook/laptop (or the old deader desktop) "Kai"..
And rename the wireless-G SSID to.. Brunnen-G, of course!

Any other dorky ideas?
Keep it clean :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Oh yeah, so I ordered a gaming laptop (some specs at ).
Yeah that happened.
Her name will probably be Boomer.
Hopefully it will arrive by Labor Day weekend and I'll be able to catch up on like 8 (!) years of PC games... I took some advantage of the Steam Summer Sale and am just waiting to get going with these.
Maybe I'll have some more to say about that soon.