Saturday, September 11, 2010


Posted to this morning:
I have not posted a formal, general, thanks to this thread yet, other than
in specific reply to LSJ.
I just want to say a few things:
First, yes, thank you to Oscar for trying to keep his favorite game (no, not
Racer Knights) alive in the corporate eyes. And for all of his dedication
to the game from long before he was getting a paycheck from WWCCP.

Thank you to LSJ, for taking on the task of not only *design* for this game,
but in-place redesign, in order to manage balance issues while keeping nearly
every card ever printed tournamet-legal. And for tolerating Stupid Questions
(which show no sign of stopping).

Thank you to those who keep the VEKN running on a volunteer basis.

Thank you to Prescott Jenner, for pulling me in to the Boston VTES Group back
in 2001 in response to some of my early Stupid Questions on the newsgroup.
And to many people named Ben, Matt, Kevin, Chris, or John (ok, there are more
names than that, but this covers a lot of people) who have been at Boston
VTES with me for the last 10 years.

Thank you to the international community of VTES players who have always
been welcoming, generally friendly, and often entertaining.

But all those thankyous being said, "Ceasing Production" does not mean the
game is over.

The only thing that is stopping here is the physical and legal printing of
new cards.
There are thousands of cards; thousands of potential decks (both Josh-esque
and Tier 1), which haven't even been thought of yet.
Other than, perhaps, Poor Group 6, a hiatus from getting new cards printed
would actually be beneficial to people's creative juices. And, seeing
current circumstances as they are, maybe there will be Final Official Errata
turning all the G6 vampires into G5, I dunno. Why not?

The VEKN is pretty much entirely player-run.
The game design has always been influenced by the players, and "fan
expansions" are totally not out of the question.
The game is still fun.

And, if all else fails, it is about the community.
VTES players love to play games. VTES players are *good* at games in
ways that non-VTES players are not, drawing on the skills unique to this
game. Play your BSG and your Chaos in the Old World and your Dominion with
other VTES players, and you'll have just as rewarding of an experience.

I say don't raise up your torches and pitchforks against CCP and WotC and
RSD over all of this. Continue to play the game, continue to play games
with your VTES mates, and see if you even notice the Cessation Of Production
in the next several months.

Thanks for reading.
Josh "Jozxyqk" Feuerstein
Former Prince of Boston
Asker of Silly Questions
MSPainter of Silly Art
Player of Games

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