Friday, September 10, 2010


If you're reading this, you probably know the news. V:TES is Ceasing Production (again).
I've been playing the game since early 2001, and will continue to play it until there aren't 3 other people to play with anymore.

As much as this wasn't unexpected, it's still significant.
I will spare you most of the history lesson; most of my personal history with VTES was already written down in my eulogy for Your Move Games anyway
I've met so many cool people through VTES, I'm happy that this news doesn't break those connections.
And the thing about VTES players is, they're very good at the types of games I like to play. Being sneaky, calculating and secretive, has become a part of so many newer games.. Glad that I can still pull from that pool of folks.

The game won't evaporate; it has lived without corporate sponsorship before, and it will do it again; so I don't think I'm going to blather on much more.

I'm just glad that my artwork managed to get onto a card before the game died.

But I do know someone who's sad:

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