Friday, May 21, 2010

Treat your Maman Right!

Even though this isn't strictly going to be a "VTES blog", I figure I should start with a VTES post about something I came up with.
It's a Module for any Group 4 Compatible deck, featuring a powerful defensive Imbued, Maman Boumba.

The module is something like this (this is the 10 card version that I include in 90-card decks):

3 Maman Boumba

3 Angel of Berlin
1 Rose Foundation

2 React with Conviction
2 Second Sight
2 Strike with Conviction
Maman serves as both combat defense (that you can sell around the table) and vote defense (5 un-cancelable votes against a referendum) EDIT: and minor bleed defense (reduce by 1), even here.
The Angels of Berlin allow you to use her end-combat ability multiple times per turn, which incidentally also works while she's sitting in the incapacitated region.
You can take the occasional "bleed for 2 at 1 stealth" action with her, but that's really not her primary function.
If you want, you can drop a Secure Haven on her to protect her from Pillowface actions, but that's purely optional; in a deck that needs her, you're likely to be using Secure Havens anyway, and you'll want to put them on your big vampires.


  1. Is one Rose Foundation in a 90-card deck enough? I'd add an Inconnu Tutelege to this module, which both effectively doubles your chance of seeing the Foundation and is useful for other stuff besides.

  2. Inconnu Tutelage unfortunately doesn't let you use excess Imbued to dig for cards.. but it's an idea, depending on the rest of the crypt.

    The few times I've actually used the module, it was more useful for end-combat than for the anti-vote anyway.. and I totally forgot to mention the "Reduce a bleed by 1" part of the Foundation which is totally noteworthy.


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