Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stuff Ordered

With money gained from some recent VTES ebay auctions, I have put in an order to Thoughthammer (because I've heard of them and because they take paypal) for a couple of things: Dominion Prosperity, Dominion Alchemy (which I wouldn't have bought right now if it weren't "free"), and Small World Tales and Legends (which I wouldn't have bought without an official online FAQ if it weren't "free").

So, perhaps Small World will go back into "the rotation" for a while -- they've got another expansion (or two?) coming before the end of the year, which more ebay funds might go towards.

None of this is going to get shipped until TH has Prosperity in stock, but that should be within the next few weeks and maybe I'll have another excuse to do EliCon 2...

Of course there are still a bunch of other games I wouldn't mind getting in this "effectively for free" category:
Pandemic's popularity may have been vaccinated (har har!), but Talita might enjoy playing it 2p with me..
There's always Pegasus..
Betrayal at House on the Hill's re-issue is on my radar..
Defenders of the Realm is, sort of -- a co-op game with "a winner" but no Traitor.
I could go on, but the more important stuff is about what I *did* buy, not what I *might*...

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