Sunday, November 21, 2010

More birthday gifts...

Amazon credit has been applied and some of it spent on Pandemic On The Brink, and BSG Pegasus.
I'm not actually sure if I will ever get a chance to play with my own copy of BSG with Pegasus in it, but I'm so excited about Exodus, I want to give my money to FFG :)

I may end up getting more boardgames with more credit soon, but I am also saving money for my other (HTPC) project, so I should pace myself. Plus, I still have to catch up on actually playing some of the games I've got. i.e. Power Grid.


  1. FWIW, I'm very interested in trying out On the Brink.

    Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday.

  2. I'm as much excited about the smaller pawns and 'petri dish storage' as I am about OTB mechanically. But you probably aren't surprised :)

    It has a bunch of mix-and-match components, which you're not supposed to use all at once, so I think OTB adds a lot of replay value. I've still only played the base game 2-player in Easy Mode, and only a couple of times, though.


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