Thursday, May 12, 2011

PGWJ mini session report 05/11/2011

We ended up having 3 people for PGWJ, instead of the expected "4 maybe 5", but that's OK.
The benefit to having 3 is that you can play more shorter games.

Kevin arrived, and while we were waiting for Matt, we decided to play Devil Bunny Needs A Ham, which I downloaded for free from cheapass games under their new free-print-and-play model.
DBNAH is a silly waste of time; all of my chefs (Ticket to Ride trains) ended up totally dying (to the Devil Bunny represented by a Reggie Jackson Baseball Clix promo), and Kevin ascended to the top and won.

By then, Matt was there, and we knew we wouldn't be seeing anybody else.

The first 3p game of the night was Race for the Galaxy.
The only times I ever play Race for the Galaxy are with Matt.
It's not my favorite game; I like San Juan, but RftG has a bunch of complexities that I don't grok because I don't play it a lot.
I tend to lose because I don't pick a strategy, or don't draw the cards to support my strategy.. So yeah, I lost hard. Matt won.

Next, we moved on to Ticket to Ride.
Since I have the 1910 expansion, and was too lazy to discuss all the options, we played the "Mega Game".
Just my luck, 3 of my routes got completely blocked out-of-hand.
And trains are used up quicker than you expect.
So Matt won this one too.

Finally, we played 3 games of Dominion.
I've stopped caring enough to write down the kingdom cards every time we play.. But we each did win a game of this, and it wasn't always the person who went first, which is nice to see.

Maybe next week, we'll have more people, but I'm happy to have any at all :)

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