Friday, December 31, 2010

Cylonnukah report

Six people showed up for the game dubbed "Cylonnukah" by Matt (who, ironically, couldn't come to play).
We played with the Pegasus expansion and the Kobol destination, with only a minor house rule for Cain which didn't even matter since she Blind Jumped without scouting.

The table went like this:
Me (Leoben) [Salvage their Equipment] ->
Max (Baltar) [Cylon] ->
Ben (Cain) [Human] ->
Krista (?) (Tyrol) [Human] ->
Man Ching (Apollo) [Human] ->
John (Dee) [Cylon]

Krista and Man Ching were newbies to the game; Ben had never played with Pegasus components before; this was my first time playing a Cylon Leader.

It turned out that both of the hidden Cylons had been Cylons since the beginning of the game. Just total coincidence that they were the most experienced players with this setup at the table, so they played it well.

Early on, I got a chance to look at the Admiral Or President's loyalty card, so I took a look at Cain, and honestly said that she was Not A Cylon. I figured nobody would believe me either way, even though I had a supposedly "Sympathetic" agenda.
A few turns later, a crisis came up which ended up sending Cain to the brig. In an unusual turn of events, Baltar fessed up to spiking the check. His justification was that since I'm a Cylon Leader, I'm obviously lying.

The Cylon Attacks were piling on, but the fleet didn't have much trouble jumping ahead of them. Especially due to Cain's blind jump, which took them 2 distance at a cost of 1 population (if I remember correctly).
Pegasus didn't get used much, and took most of the hits from the Basestar fire, which made me incredibly happy due to my personal goal (Cylons Win And 2 or fewer Galactica locations are damaged).
I was starting to get worried when 2 Galactica locations were damaged; post-Sleeper phase, I had un-infiltrated and started sitting on Caprica cycling Crises, but I was drawing my blue cards just in case I'd have to hop down there and fix the ship myself.

Baltar used a Quorum card to execute Cain in the brig, and she was replaced with Adama (under the "current" rules, so he was guaranteed human). Baltar never Revealed, but Dee did.

In the end, the humans had 1 Fuel, 1 Food, 4 Morale, and 4 Population.. Unfortunately they were able to spool up to the "-3" spot and win the game by pushing the button for the last destination-free jump, despite my best efforts. The only crisis that I had seen with "-1 fuel" was also "Admiral Chooses", and by this time, Apollo held both titles.

Treachery/Reckless effects did come up a few times in the game, but they weren't all that devastating.
Scar showed up all by himself at one point, and was a complete non-entity as the fleet jumped away from him.

I really enjoyed playing Leoben, his special to muck with the Destiny Deck is really cool.
Looking forward to getting my hands on Exodus, though, of course :)

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