Friday, November 2, 2012

Red Dwarf X: Dear Dave

So here's another episode that, despite some minor continuity and setting nits, was pretty decent.

It definitely adds a few more sentences to my "Fathers and Suns" post.  Lister's excited about being a dad, and yet again ignoring the other children he's fathered -- even himself, which he just made a big deal out of a few episodes ago. I'll go back and add that epilogue later.

Other than that, there isn't really much else to say. One of the better episodes of the season so far.
Let's see what the final Series X episode throws at us.

I've been thinking some more about where Series X can possibly exist in continuity, and I've got a new theory:
At the very end of Series 7, they find the "dust storm" that is actually particles of Red Dwarf.  But in a slightly parallel universe, instead of finding the "Holly Watch", what if they found a reconstructed Arnold Rimmer Personality Disk?  And instead of resurrecting the ship with crew on it, we get an empty but souped-up ship?
That might just work.
Series 8 can diverge from canon in its own universe, and Back to Earth can be... whatever it is.
If you pass some time, and have something mysteriously weird happen to Kochanski (which keeps being alluded to so far in Series X anyway), you get a fairly consistent explanation.


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  1. Is there a version where S7 didn't happen? I wish the writers hadn't been so lazy about older series knowledge. I don't recall Lister and Kochanski being a thing in S7 except unintentionally. I can't be arsed to watch that series again, it wasn't very good. But, the point is, aside from Ouroboros, were any other S7 events that were referenced? I really don't want to watch it again. I watched the last ep of S8 before watching BTE just to make sure I knew where it was coming from, and even tho it had that one good gag (phwoar! still funny!) it was dire as a whole.
    You're doing a good job of allowing all the series to exist. I am willing to pretend some didn't exist. Take out all of s7 except what the writers referenced in s10.


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