Saturday, June 5, 2010

Board Game Day

My first -- well, second kinda -- attempt at a "board game day" at my house was something of a success.
We ended up being 2, 3, or 4 gamers depending on the time of day.

Games played:
Ninja vs. Ninja: in which Eli would not stop playing with the 2 Ninja Master figures and making them fight each other. It makes me happy when the reason my son is crying is to say "MY NINJA! MY NINJA!" unwilling to let them go. It's adorable.

Mag Blast, twice. The John Kovalic illustrated version, not my own game. Once with 3, once with 4 players. It's still fun.

Small World, with 3. I lost with Mounted Elves->Seafaring Amazons->Wealthy Kobolds, but not by much.

Chrononauts (with 3). I hadn't seen the newest edition of this, and haven't played for a million years. Some new cards in there, but same old game. Kinda fun.

Sorry that my recap isn't all that interesting, but the games played aren't that deep.
But all in all, I enjoyed it, and I appreciate the ability to do it (special thanks to my wife of course!)

Hoping that next time (when?), we have more people and more opportunity for deeper games.

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  1. Hey for games day games don't have to be only for hardcore players!

    In here, we gather 2 groups of friends in a flat and we do a "freak night" xd and we play in there xbox 360/wii/ps3, role and boardgames, for the last ones, we are very casual! (Zombies!!,Citadels,Through the Desert, Munchkin, Bang!,MagBlast, etc)

    Of course if all the members have will and time to play a deeper one, its even better. I wish I could play one day that famous Arkham Horror XD


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