Tuesday, June 22, 2010

That poll up there

So that was partly a test of how polls work in blogger, but very interesting results. An overwhelming majority are suggesting sleeves.
Even though I am not a big fan of sleeving cards for CCGs, I can see how they'll help in Dominion; a lot of cards that have to be carried around to everywhere you play, a larger variety of greasy hands on the cards, a giant variance in the amount of use/wear goes on to different card types, etc.

I'm surprised at how many votes there are for the "expensive" sleeves, though.
Cheap sleeves can split, but my plan is to buy enough extras that surgery can happen in realtime.

It does look, though, like the next "expansion" I'm going to get for Dominion is "2000 penny-sleeves" from Mayday; not quite a penny each (about 1.7¢ each plus whatever shipping is*), but close, and enough sleeves to cover all the existing expansions plus the next one that isn't out yet and the promos, with leftovers for that surgery.

As for the arduous task of doing the sleeving, it can be a gradual process. You can pop a card into a sleeve as you draw it, so that's how a good portion of it will probably get done.

I will let the poll go to completion, but I think I've already made this decision.

Thank you for your input.

I suppose there's still an open question about laminating/"sleeving" the big pirate ship playmat things from Seaside, but I feel like that's significantly less of an issue.

And as for card storage of multiple sets, I'm going to come up with something; most likely I'm going to cut my own dividers and put them in the base box. I'll post a picture if it works and looks nice. I just want to maximize portability.

* "Whatever shipping is" apparently is a whopping $10.. or free if I can pick it up from a game store. I'm trying to get in touch with the "hobby/game" store around the corner from my house (Hobby Bunker) or Pandemonium to see if such an order is OK.


  1. One advantage to playing a game like Dominion is that you never have to worry about the trade value of your cards. If you want to sleeve them, go ahead. If not, just don't smudge them too bad ;)

  2. On the flip side, it's much more annoying when a single Dominion card gets dog-eared or otherwise damaged. Sleeving the cards encourages players to slow down while shuffling and not to bend the cards as much.


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