Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dominion Promo Cards

My order from the boardgamegeek store has arrived: The 3 Dominion Promo cards, including the dreaded Black Market. We'll see how that goes.

and yes, I know I still need to post my Power Grid review amongst other things...


  1. I *love* Black Market. It's one of my favorite cards to play. It's just so meta.

  2. I will probably enjoy Black Market in the future, but I had a bad experience.

    My first exposure to Dominion (other than hearing about it) was at TempleCon this year.. Prescott had it and I sat down to play.
    Game 1, we used the "newbie set" of cards and I thought it was pretty interesting.
    But in Game 2, we went "all random", and Black Market came up, and I was still trying to get used to basic strategy.. the game got slower, and I had to learn what more cards do (and the experienced players were kind of speeding through the descriptions when the BM cards were drawn)... It was overwhelming.
    I will make sure to ease people into the Black Market a little better.

  3. Also, I need to make a Gamer OCD decision about how to do the Black Market deck.
    Any solution which ends with "...and then go into the box and grab a copy of the card." seems like it annoyingly slows the game down. And it's slightly annoying that the Randomizer Deck has different cardbacks for this purpose.

    I think I'll just go ahead and make the Randomizer Deck completely redundant, by only storing 9 (or 11) of each of the Kingdom Cards together with each other and building a proper Randomizer Deck with the regular cardbacks. If it's actually used to generate the 10 cards for the game, and set aside as a Black Market deck if the Market shows up, then the only additional step is putting one of each card back in the stack when the game ends.

    Am I overthinking this? (hint: Yes)


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