Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Previously on Battlestar Galactica...

This Play By Forum game is still going on, in case you were interested...

What I can say is this:
Helo started the game stranded on Caprica.
At the Sleeper Phase, he discovered his loyalty to his wife's people, revealing himself as the Sympathizer, and started to camp out.. back on Caprica.

Why did I even bother stepping on board?

This is going to be a long endgame.
(Although it does seem to be in the favor of the Cylons so far...)


  1. Eww, you guys are playing with the sympathizer? Why?

  2. It was set up as a "no house rules" base game.. It has stuff I'm not even used to, like full-disclosure-from-Destiny Investigative Committee.

    But to be honest, as long as people aren't being douchey about punching their own resources pre-sleeper-phase, I don't mind keeping the Sympathizer around.


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