Saturday, July 17, 2010

The last OCD Dominion post.. for now

Just finished sleeving all* of my Dominion cards.

Since I got the 3 promos from boardgamegeek -- most importantly Black Market and Stash -- I had to think a bit about how to "sort" things.

So this is what I ended up with:

1) Put all of the blue-backed "placeholders" aside; don't sleeve them, don't use them.
2) Create a new "randomizer deck" out of 1 of each of the regular-backed cards, to be used instead of the Android program I've been using ...
3) .... except use a blank, with "STASH" written in sharpie, instead of the differently-backed Stash, for total purity in randomization. This is the one case where I'll have to go digging into the box if a card is bought from black market, but I think it's the lessest evil.

I might backpedal on 3, and replace it with an actual copy of Stash, and no tears will be shed about the sharpie marks anyway... but I'll see how it goes for now. It only matters in the case of:
* Black Market in the Supply
* Stash not in the Supply
* Drawing Stash as one of the Black Market choices.

which is a pretty rare event, mathematically speaking anyway.

And my ultimate plan is to eventually put all the cards into a box tall enough to stand up a card vertically (such as the original box with some dividers shoved in), and use the blue-backed cards as dividers.


  1. Meh garblfarbl.. I am already thinking about undoing this decision. I've come to the realization that the "slowness/awkwardness" of the Black Market might actually be related to my storage solution. I'm using these things which are a wrapper that goes "over" the cards; ultimately, if I have a storage solution with actual "dividers" (other than my Bum's Rushes casually splitting up some groupings), it might be just as easy to dig, in the end, and use the Blue Backed Randomizers (and/or the computerized randomizers) after all. The question of how Stash should "officially" be represented in the Black Market deck, however, is still something that's going to bug me, even though it rarely rarely matters (really, in fewer cases than I marked above).

  2. Are you posting to reply to yourself on a post addressing your own OCD? If so, OCD may not be your only problem :)


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