Saturday, January 15, 2011

Battlestar Galactica - Storage

Oh boy this is going to be an exciting post! Hold on to your hats!

Back when I first got the Battlestar Galactica game, I was also starting to go through my "tacklebox phase". I was convinced that I needed a way to more-conveniently travel with a large amount of boardgames in tow.

So I purchased a fishing tackle bag that came with 4 Plano 3750 boxes inside.
Moving Small World to this kind of box made sense; with Galactica, it was somewhat forced.
Originally, it looked like this.

When I got Pegasus, I continued the paradigm and rearranged the bits some more. (no picture for this one).

I got a little bit of flak for this, mostly jokingly I think :)

When I got Exodus, I found out a terrible truth: While there was still enough separation of compartments, the Crisis Deck was too tall.
So I decided to un-tacklebox it.

Now, I moved all of the cards to 2 old white card-storage-boxes (one for "Large" and one for "Small" cards; incidentally sleeving the cards along the way), the Cardboard Bits into a VTES 10th Anniversary Tin (to double as a bits-randomizer), the plastic bits in ziploc baggies, and all shoved into the Exodus box.

The box doesn't really close perfectly, but everything does fit in one place now.

By the time the game gets played on Monday, or by TempleCon time, I may have changed my mind again; it makes me a little uncomfortable that the box top doesn't come down so tightly (off by more than an inch), so I might move things to a different sort of 2-box solution.. I might even try to find some Really Useful Boxes instead or something; but still, it looks like the Death of the Tacklebox for this game.

Yeah, aren't you happy you read this? :)

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