Thursday, January 13, 2011

Battlestar Galactica - "Title Cards"

Yes, Exodus has arrived!

I just wanted to share what I have done with the Title Cards.
It's simple, but I think it is neat.
Exodus rounded the idea out nicely.

So, I have 4 clear sleeves set aside for the Title Cards; each one is double sided.

1) President: One side Base Game, one side New Caprica.
Not really necessary, since the New Caprica President card covers everything, but good for newbies to have the option of the Base Game President Card to avoid confusion.

2) Admiral: One side Cylon Fleet (with the improved nuke), one side New Caprica Admiral.
With this one, if you happen to be playing Cylon Fleet + New Caprica, you can flip the Admiral card over when you reach New Cap, since the information about the Nukes is irrelevant during that phase.

3) CAG/Admiral: One side CAG, one side Base Game Admiral (the corrected version, printed out).
You'll never need the CAG and the Base Game Admiral in the same game, and once again, you can use the Base Game Admiral card as a reference for how nukes work alongside the New Caprica Admiral card.

4) Cylon Leader: One side Infiltration Reference Card, the other side You Are A Sympathetic Cylon.
This card is meant to flip back and forth, as you Infiltrate and Exfiltrate (?). I have no plans to ever use the Sympathetic Cylon mechanic, since I think it is far more deeply flawed than the base game Sympathizer (an argument for another thread), but it serves as a clear reminder of whether the Leader is in Cylon Player Mode or Human Player Mode. And, well, it really does what it says. You get it pre-game, reveal it immediately, don't get a Super Crisis, and may Infiltrate as a Cylon Leader does.

How do you like that?

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