Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A night with Matt's MoM

Last Wednesday, the PGWJ group (Matt, Max, and I) got a chance to try out Mansions of Madness.
Pardon me if my details are incomplete, but there are the issues of both "secrecy" and my memory.
I'm also typing this entry from the ipad as an experiment, so I'll be brier because the keyboard is less than perfectly comfortable.

Matt played the Keeper role.
Max chose the old professor. I played the gangster.

The flavor text and story clues really did seem to add to the game. I liked that.
The game was really close; it looked like we investigators had already lost and we were just "playing it out", but we ended up pulling off a victory. I liked that.

I am still conceptually concerned about replay value since there are fixed scenarios, but I don't think I'll personally play the game enough times for it to make a difference.

I'll rate the game a GRRR.

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