Thursday, April 21, 2011

A visit to New Caprica

Last night, we had 4 players, excited to play BSG again. The plan was New Caprica.
Players were:
Matt - Adama
Kevin - Starbuck
Max - Zarek
Me - Caprica Six

I chose a Cylon Leader for a few reasons, but maybe not the best choice in 4p NC.
My agenda was comically unattainable: Humans Win and all resources at 3 or less.

Long story short, I tried flooding the board with Civvies but the fleshbags were too efficient. Shortly after Sleeper Phase, I realized that there was no hidden Cylon, which sealed my fate; without a check-spiking buddy, my influence on resources was minimal.

The fleet hopped right on and off New Caprica; Zarek compensated for his weakness with XOs aplenty.

Final score: Humans win (obviously), Pop at 7 and everything else at 4, after revealing Personal Goals.
Josh loses.

I'm willing to give New Cap another shot, with more players and probably not choosing a Leader... but this experience, while still fun, didn't really shine.


  1. First off, I do admit that you were fully screwed. Any CL agenda that involves hitting the Food dial is nearly impossible.

    However, I do think that flooding the board with civvies is the wrong move. Escorting a civvy ship is essentially a free action for the CAG, and humans of plenty of opportunity to see the light raiders coming so they can time it easily. I think that the 'place a civvy' option is the weakest option on the Basestar board. (though it is counterbalanced by the fact that it's always a productive option for the cylons)

    If I were in your situation, I would have tried to do some management of the crisis deck (using Human Fleet, not Caprica) and used the Basestar to add light raiders and hopefully reduce the jump track. I also would have been drawing Treachery cards in hope of getting the Human Weakness card (only works if a human is brigged, but there are crisis cards that can make that happen) Adding the light raiders doesn't help you directly, but having some pressure in space combat would cost the humans skill cards that they'd otherwise use in tests.

    Overall, my opinion of New Caprica hasn't changed much after playing it. It's not terrible, but it adds a lot more rules confusion than it's worth.

  2. You're probably right.
    I'm still inexperienced with Cylon Leaders and I focused on the wrong thing. I was just stuck thinking "reduce resources == civ ships".
    And I've also never used Human Fleet, as a Leader or a regular Toaster; I should have read it more carefully.

    But also, without an actual evil cylon pushing back on the fleet, there wasn't much I could do.


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